8 things surveys taught us about our travel habits

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Throughout the year I find my inbox filled with surveys answering questions I had never thought to ask. And though there may be interesting information contained in these snapshots of life, I have to admit to suffering from Survey Zone-out.

Yet I find that there is a lingering FOMA (fear of missing out) feeling – a sign of modern times perhaps? And so for those of you who feel the same way, I have delved right back in and eked out a round-up of the highlights.

We burn 550 calories at airports but consume 2,700

Apparently walking around the airport is a fantastic workout. Jetcost say you can burn around 550 calories dragging suitcases into the airport and running to the gate. But, wait for it, we consume 2,700 more calories while hanging around to board with food, alcohol and snacks.

Short break searches

Collating information about the destinations we search for online is a pretty accurate barometer of what’s popular. Progressive Money has researched top European city break destinations searched for between the last week of December 2016 and first weeks of January in 2017, as people opted for last minute New Year’s Eve and early New Year mini breaks.

Summer holidays are booked during working hours

Vouchercloud have uncovered our behaviour patterns when booking a holiday. A vast 30 per cent of employees cheekily book them during office hours especially so in the winter months. And when they do, it usually happens on Tuesdays which incidentally is when the most extravagant holidays are booked. The cheapest holidays are booked on a Saturday. It’s very telling isn’t it?

Two thirds of women think they are better at organising holidays than their partner

Well, this one brought to us by Airport Parking & Hotels is not really a surprise is it? But since they went to the trouble of collating the information I may as well share it. They say that women shop for last minute holiday essentials and are in charge of passports and excursions. Meanwhile men pack the car and sort out airport transport. Feminists… I’m just the messenger.

Britons more concerned about free Wi-Fi and English food than local activities on holiday

Really? According to VoucherCodesPro, Britons expect unlimited free Wi-Fi and plenty of English food on offer when on holiday, with these things taking precedence over beautiful scenic surroundings and plenty of local activities. And they want to be in close proximity of the airport. Although, many wanted scenic surroundings for taking photos which probably translates to bragging on social media.

Incidentally the same company also produced another survey that offered this nugget of insight:  three-quarters of Britons exercise whilst on holiday, though only 1 In 5 do so at home.

Pictures of sunrises and sunsets appear the most on instagram and social media

Everyone loves to watch the sun rise and set. It’s a moment of intense wonderment. This survey by On the Go Tours reveals which are the most hashtagged. Turns out that New York is king and Italy hits the spot in Florence, Naples and Milan for sunsets.

The most popular sunrises were New York followed by Berlin, Chicago, Munich and Cork. And the most popular sunsets were New York, Denpasar in Indonesia, Umm as Sugaym, UAE, Teluknarat in Indonesia and Barcelona in Spain.

Are Brits clumsier on the slopes than the Dutch?

In case you ever pondered this question, you are in luck; Alpineresorts investigated and here are the results: The Dutch, followed by the Germans, are the biggest and heaviest skiers. French skiers have the lowest average body mass index (BMI), Brits are most likely to return damaged equipment. And… most skiers are called Thomas.

Brits send 10,296 texts every year

This is a staggering figure but what is more shocking is that most are to people in the same house: “can you bring me a cup of tea” and “do you fancy sex tonight” and even “I love you”. Sometimes the recipient is in the same room. This useful piece of insight comes from Broadbandchoices and if this you then surely it’s time to book a holiday.

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